A glider is anyone and everyone who is interested in getting from Point A to Point B in a quick, efficient and fun way. If your destination is too far to walk, but too short to drive – it's a perfect glide!

i2 SE - No worries, the i2 SE easily travels through standard doorways and into elevators. Move from indoors to outdoors in a snap. You can take your PT anywhere you need to go.

x2 SE - Would you rather stay outdoors? Hop on the more rugged x2 SE and explore trails, paved paths, beaches or any off-road terrain in a whole new way.

We have a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) that will meet your needs and our exciting new SegSolutions allow you to customize your PT to fit your lifestyle. If you thought you couldn't afford a PT – you're mistaken. Segway is proud to offer an attractive consumer financing program from First Mutual Bank with a low monthly payment. You're the glider – just choose your model and glide on!

Use our dealer locator to find the Segway Authorized Dealer in your area.

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